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Utility Service Location

Electronic detection of underground services is by far the most safe and accurate method of underground services location.
Underground Service Locators has all the latest and most up-to-date locating technologies available enabling us to offer the most accurate and reliable underground services location facility available today. Our proven techniques are used extensively by many of the major Civil Contracting companies, Engineering Consultants, Surveyors and Government departments as well as private home owners, fence builders and subcontractors.
The Underground Service Locators team are professional, fully qualified service locators, so you can be sure that you are getting the premier locating service from New Zealand's largest cable locations company.

Utility Mapping and Geographical information systems

The diversification of the utilities sector in recent years has led to greater difficulties in consolidating utilities asset information. This coupled with incomplete and inaccurate utility records can mean there are many unknowns and risks when planning and undertaking both design and construction work.
USL offers a range of utility mapping solutions which allow you to act in confidence.
USL are able to accurately trace, identify and map all underground utilities and service routes including gas, water , telecommunications, electricity and drainage. With outputs to CAD or into GIS systems as required.

Virtual Trial Pits

Avoid the need for invasive and disruptive excavations where detailed information within any local area is essential, surveys are undertaken using the latest GPR systems and techniques. Client will receive a detailed CAD drawing and/or GIS output as required to assist with their design.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the tool of choice for those who need to quickly and easily identify the presence of buried utility infrastructure, both metallic and non-metallic.Modern advances in technology, particularly in the design and construction of buried utilities, have resulted in an ever increasing use of non-metallic materials. GPR Locator professionals know the difficulties associated with non-metallic utilities and that conventional locating tools leave you a few pieces short. So let the GPR help you fill in the missing pieces. GPR is the only technology available that does not require a physical connection to the utility, nor does it rely on radiating electromagnetic (EM) fields that may or may not be present or detectable.

GPR is not only used to locate underground utilities. It can also be used to find:

  • Voids and cavities

  • Foundations

  • Storage tanks

  • Culverts

  • Excavation routes

  • Pipe routes

  • Large solid objects

Utility Standovers

USL Stand over services are provided in an observational capacity only. To assist in ensuring that the work is completed according to health and safety guidelines. It is mandatory for a stand over person to attend if excavating near a high pressure gas line and / or high voltage electricity line.



Additional services

(available upon request)


Hydro Excavations

Vacuum excavation provides a non-destructive, cost effective and accurate process to safely locate underground utilities. With USL vacuum excavation virtually eliminates utility damage and potential personal injury, which sometimes occurs through the use of excavating equipment or hand tools during trenching.
Vacuum excavation uses pressurised water to break up soil that is the removed through a vacuum and deposited into debris tanks. Once the dirt is removed, the exact location of the utilities is exposed and educated decisions can be made regarding utility design, repair, coordination, damage prevention and other necessary underground utility assessments.

Geophysical Ground Investigations

Our partner offers a wide range of geophysical services specialising in terrestrial and borehole geophysics, in support of environmental and engineering projects. Our skilled professionals provide complete 2-D or 3-D geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation services aimed at reducing the likelihood of overlooking unexpected subsurface conditions, while enhancing the understanding of subsurface site characteristics.


Underground Camera Inspection (CCTV) /Condition Assessment and Sewer Lateral Locating

Underground Camera Inspection (CCTV) /Condition Assessment and Sewer Lateral Locating
Camera inspection services can determine if underground ducts, sanitary sewers or HVAC duct work are in need of repair or replacement. The use of the latest equipment by USL can save client thousands if they establish that repair work is needed, instead of replacement.
Clients selecting USL camera inspection services receive a detailed drawing and/or GIS output and video documentation of all camera work for their records.

Concrete Scanning

We can assist in locating conduit, post tension cables, reinforcing steel and can identify anomalies / voids in concrete surfaces. We help engineers at the design stage of projects and we assist contractors who carry out the work to avoid costly mistakes when cutting concrete. It is essential to understand what is embedded in or beneath concrete before you begin cutting or coring concrete slabs, walls, ceilings, roofs and other structures.