Scope of Services


USL provides to customers a service of locating and marking out of all underground services. Council water and sewer plans, together with careful hand digging by customer/excavator, are required to locate services laid in plastic, ceramic or concrete pipes.

On site checking:
The locating/mark out services are normally requested for a specific site, and the extent of USL locating duties at that site are to be clearly defined by the customer, and understood by the USL locator, before locating work commences.

Locator confirms to customer receipt of the job, and whether customer has ordered &/or received all Utilities plans of the site. If plans are on site, USL are able to proceed with a physical locate on the date/time as requested by customer. USL recommends that customer delays any excavating work until all plans are on site.

Scope of Services:
Arrive at site on agreed date & time.
- Check with customer on site the extent of the locating & mark out
- Study the Utilities plans of the site for all U/G services to be marked

Locate the various underground Utilities services as shown on the Utilities plans, to the extent of the site as requested by customer: i.e. Chorus, Vodafone, Power, Gas, other underground services, such as CCTV cables, using electronic locating equipment.

Ensure customer is fully aware that USL cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Mark out the various services on the ground with spray mark-out paint. Colours to be in accordance with OSH/Department of Labour standards, together with Chorus and other Utilities standards as to corridor marking widths.

Ensure customer is fully aware they cannot use mechanical excavating plant inside the corridor markings without first hand excavating to positively identify location of underground services.

In the case of a specific site area (e.g. bore hole) to be marked out, this will be confined to 3 metres in any direction from the customer supplied mark out start point.

Services requested to be located without Utilities plans on site are to be completed on a “best endeavour’s” basis only.